17 April 2012

Deleting undeletable registry keys

I did help the father of a friend with his computer and among other things he wanted me to install a newer version of Avira Antivir.

To uninstall the old version you actually had to download and run a special tool by Avira to clean up after the normal uninstallation process which was idiotic enough...

The big hurdle I faced was that the tool couldn't delete a handful of registry keys no matter how I started it. As admin, in safe-mode, etc. Nothing helped.

I couldn't even delete it by hand. Again trying every special trick I and Google knew...

It was then that I learned that the registry had actually a permission system like you would knew from the Windows NTFS-Filesystem. So I had to first rightclick the key I wanted to delete give everyone all the permission there were and then I could delete it.

In hindsight it seems pretty simple but at that time I did not found a single solution to this problem. Maybe my googleFu betrayed me but I am posting this Information here to help maybe a single person. :)

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