26 April 2012

Detailed maps of Legend of Grimrock

Level 1 - Into the Dark

Level 2 - Old Tunnels

Level 3 - Pillars of Light

Level 4 - Archives

Level 5 - Hallways

Level 6 - Trapped

Level 7 - Ancient Chambers

Level 8 - The Vault

Level 9 - Goromorg Temple I

Level 10 - Goromorg Temple II

Level 11 - The Tomb

Level 12 - The Prison

Level 13 - The Cemetery
You should be able to get what the symbols mean by yourself. The green dots are Monsters I had not yet killed in my playthrough or Monsters that respawned.

The maps themselfs I screenshotted while having developer mode enabled.

Thank a lot to Punchy on the official Forums who told the world how to exactly do that in the first place.


Shadowfied said...

Nice work!

Anonymous said...

Great work, any chance however that we could talk you into a legend of what the symbols mean? (Trying to recreate the dungeons in minecraft)

Diren Cangöz said...

Hmmm, yeah, I had planned to make a legend anyway. Should be helpful. I was just lazy the last two weeks... :)

Anonymous said...

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