22 July 2012

How to play your own music collection in Guild Wars 2

Not only can you play your own music in Guild Wars 2, you can also control when they will be played.

All you have to do is to create playlists which include your tracks and put them into a special folder. This folder can be found under: C:\YOURWINDOWSNAME\Documents\Guild Wars 2\Music\

Supported types of playlists:
.wpl .m3u .pls .asx .wax

Supported types of audio files in those playlists:
.mp3 .ogg .flac .wav .aiff .mid .it

This folder will most probably be empty. You have to name your playlists a certain way to have them played at the appropriate time. The following names are recognized:


All mp3players like WinAmp, iTunes, etc make it really easy to create a playlist. Just create one with the right name and put it into the Music-folder.

If you are using Windows Media player you can run into a problem with the playlist where GW2 doesn't recognize the audio file paths because WMP saves them in relation to the playlist as opposed to saving the full path.
If that happens open the playlist in a texteditor and change the absolute paths including the drive letter.
For example WMP would write \bandname\title.mp3 instead of D:\mymusic\bandname\title.mp3


Anonymous said...

It's a good tip, I'll do it! Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hi, how can I export the playlist from Itunes? I have attempted exporting the playlist but the only file types it allowed you to use is .txt and .xml

Any thoughts?

Diren Cangöz said...

Are you sure you can't export an iTunes playlist as .m3u or .pls?

Maybe it is hidden somewhere in the menus.

If there is really no such option you'll have to look for a tool on the internet. There should be something out there.

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